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Loyalty program

I was part of a team working on DoTerra’s new brand identity for their .com and for their dashboard and reports. The project consisted in creating and designing UI for their reports and member enrolments.

Do-Terra's digital overhaul consisted in updating their backend dashboard. We had to display data and graph results linking to their members ecommerce sales. I designed some intricate dashbaord visualisations which included layouts for both mobile as well as desktop.

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Customers needed to be able to create and edit special groups which they could filter through different sales and customers. We had to come up with the user journey which would allow the DoTerra member to do this with ease. 

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One of the biggest factors in these designs was the ability to filter and be as specific as possible with what data they viewed. We had to come up with a number of different processes for this to work. This filtering happened one in the reports as well as when creating custom reports, where you could filter and target specific demographics. 

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