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I worked as an illustrator for Google Moments Web App. The moments Hub is a place for Google Employees to view and work across a range of Moment projects.

I was asked to work up illustrations for the entire product which consisted of large colourful pieces, type illustrations and icons.

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Introduction to Moments – definition of a brand moment copy 2
Introduction – What is a moment

The illustrations needed across the project was a mix of icons, larger illustrations and full screen illustration pieces. The web platform used was divided into columns and meant i had to create illustration pieces which would fit the space required. 

Introduction Welcome – Key Goal
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Activating in a Moment- Ideate
Activating in a Moment – Ideate- icons
Planning for your year – Global & US Moments Calendar copy 2
Introduction – Why are they important for Google – hot topics 2
Planning for your year – Team OKRs
icons 5
Introduction to Moments – Why are they important for Google

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