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Responsive Web Design
Dashboard CRM

I worked across all of Homewards digital platform improving customer journeys and experiences. I translate concepts into user flows, wireframes and prototypes that lead to intuitive user experiences. This role requires lots of heavy UI dashboard work with lots of UX consideration around each design and attention to detail.

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While working across their CRM Platform, I worked on a number of different user flows which needed to be considered and designed. 

Examples of this would be processes like uploading files to your account, taking and uploading photos of your property and general admin processes across your dashboard account. 

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One main project I designed was to illustrate to users where they were on the Homeward timeline. There were a number of different journeys you had to make as a homeard customer to get your house sold and bought and to finish your journey. I designed an interactive flow chart which allowed the user to see where they were on the process. 

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I was also asked to start creating an illustration style which could be implemented across the brand. I decided to use a very simplistic illustration style which used minimal colours from the Homeward colour palette. 

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