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Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts is a well-established luxury hotel company, which has had a distinct impact on the global hospitality market for the past two decades. Jumeirah has transformed the way that luxury is defined as exemplified by its flagship hotel, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah.

The project consisted of a huge website re-design which required expert responsive web and visual UI knowledge, design systems, onboarding, usability and a lot of UX consideration across both mobile and desktop user flows.


We developed a series of booking flows and user journeys through the site which would boost the number of bookings taken and to make it easy for a customer to navigate through different areas of the site.

With each hotel and spa resort we needed the customer to be able to book and view different areas of the facilties seamlessly. We accomplished this by using a well considered design system to implement across the site.

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We revamped the booking flow which needed to work across all areas of the site, from hotels and resorts to restaruants and babysitters.

We cleaned up the UI and integrated it with the loyalty program to encourage customers to register with Jumeirah and earn points.

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I had to develop a series of icons which would be used across the hotel pages and booking flows to provide information about the facilities across the sites. We decided to keep them fairly simpisitic and friendly using a solid and outline version of each.

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